IVF/ UCSI Cycle Delayed

So as the title suggests…..cycle was delayed by a month! I told you all I had no luck! Our donor hadn’t started her cycle yet so clinic told me I could go ahead and start the injections if I wanted to, but it’d mean i’d be on them for longer so I said i’d start with my next cycle. Next cycle is HERE! So my injections will start on the 19th, whoop whoop!
I’m pretty annoyed at my clinic, I went in to sign my consent forms on the 17th (a Wednesday) and was told that my donor hadn’t started her cycle, so as I was meant to start my injections on the Monday, the best option was for me to wait until my next cycle so that she could catch up with me. I phoned up today to advise of my cycle, and it turns out she started hers on the 17th! Why couldn’t they phone me on the Thurs or Fri to say I could still go ahead?! She was signing her consent forms on the Friday, so it’s not like they weren’t aware! So my cycle has been delayed by a month because they couldn’t pick up the phone and tell me 😦
I know after so long a month is nothing, but when you’re deflated a little, picked back up, then deflated again when there was no need it’s just a little annoying.

Let’s hope that is THE END of any delays, and bad luck, any bad news, we’ll be getting for a long long time!


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