And so it begins! CD 1 IVF beginnings

Our clinic phoned us last month so tell us that we would be starting our cycle on my next AF.  So, CD 1 came a whole week earlier than expected! I phoned them on day one, the nurse confirmed that I’d be taking the buserelin injections rather than nasal spray. I do think it’s bad, as we’ve had NOTHING explained to us. If it wasn’t for me researching online after our very first consultation, I wouldn’t even know that I may have to inject myself or anything, and the nurse just said ‘we have you down for injections is that right?’ So I was just like ummmm, I have no idea?! Does the lack of information happen with everyone?!

I start my injections on the 22nd June eek! We have an apt 17th where we have to hand over consent forms and get shown how to inject….I have no idea what to expect, I’m maybe overly cautious and a bit pessimistic, but we’ll see where we go I guess! 

I’m suddenly feeling scared, nervous, questioning whether this is the right thing, whether we’re too young and should live a little (no social life!), worrying like crazy if I’ve pushed Jon into thisbecause I myself feel a great need to have children, and just generally panicking about everything haha. I’m sure it’ll all be okay in the end, does anyone ever end up feeling like an actual adult?! Because I feel like I will always be blagging my way through adult life!!!!


4 thoughts on “And so it begins! CD 1 IVF beginnings

  1. Disorderly Love says:

    I feel the same! Nothing was explained to us! Had I not done my own research I wouldn’t have known about the injection I was going to have to give myself, either! You’d think after paying so much money they’d explain things a bit better!!


    • marie says:

      I’m in the UK and luckily get 1 cycle on the nhs so don’t have to pay. That’s why I thought we were being treated like the minority (because we weren’t paying), but I guess it’s unfortunately just what happens 😦 it’s so frustrating though because something that’s there to help you try to take control and get you the thing you so desperately want, the process leaves you confused and wondering what you’re doing because nothing is explained!

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      • Disorderly Love says:

        Completely agreed!!!! It is incredible that you’re getting the first try covered but, still yet, I feel like they should explain things to us more clearly. If your experience is anything like me, my Dr. talks to me for maybe 10 minutes then leaves. It’s getting more & more frustrating as time goes on.

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