Getting good at the waiting game!

So i’m really beginning to unlike waiting! I thought at first we’d take the opportunity to get the house sorted etc, but we can’t start it until we’ve knocked the fireplace through, can’t knock the fireplace through until we have nice warm weather and some help! So i’m just sat on my bum wishing the days away at them minute- boo!
I chased our fertility clinic. It seems I do genuinely have the Chaplin curse. All my life what could go wrong, has. I’m not saying this for sympathy, it genuinely has. My OH has always been completely different, things have always gone OK for him…. until he met me! YEP! As soon as we became serious and settled down his luck completely changed. I do actually think i’ve been cursed, but then again my mum has my bad luck too so its just genetics I guess. The only pro to my future child not being genetically mine, he/she will not have my bad luck!!
So I chased our clinic, who have advised me that the original second recipient declined (after waiting weeks for an answer!) they then contacted another couple who after consideration declined, so now we’re just waiting on another couple to decide. Our egg donation co ordinator said that they can’t say yes or no until an appt they have on Friday, so it’s just waiting again!
If this couple say yes, she said alls good and we’ll go ahead, if they say no, she’ll speak to her manager to see if we can proceed regardless as we’ve been waiting long enough already.I was so positive the day she phoned to say she had matched us, but now I can’t stop thinking about the negatives, the ‘well it probably won’t work first try anyway’ the ‘the donor might not even get to egg retrieval stage’. Unneccassary stress I know and I shouldn’t! It’s so frustrating when we’ve been trying for so many years, we’re so close, yet it just keeps slipping away! It’ll all be worth it.

Hopefully, the next blog post I do will be with a date for us to go in to discuss treatment plans 🙂


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