No update from me!

So it’s been a little while since I posted about the match. We are still no further.
It seems, when I think I’m feeling as impatient as I ever can… the impatience meter is turned up just a little notch! We have signed the consent forms to go ahead with our donor, but as there is another couple using the same donor we’re also waiting on those to confirm.
We’re also waiting for the nurse to give us a call so that we can all begin getting set up and talk about our treatment plans….but that was 14 days ago now!!
I know I know. I’ve gone from waiting years while TTC….to months whilst waiting for a donor… to now days waiting to go ahead with it all… and I’m still no happier. It’ll be hours soon and I still won’t be happy haha

The wait will be worth it, if all is successful, but all this waiting is exhausting! The further you get the more impatient you are, and the more worrying you do, and the more intense everything feels. I guess it’s similar to the nervousness and impatience of pregnancy really, so let’s just think of this as a preparation to the real waiting game eh 🙂

Nothing much to report on! Oh….I had a weird dream out of the blue the other night. In it, my OH POAS with a first response (he knows nothing about them, stashed them in my dressing table draw for when IVF happens). When I woke up in my dream he’d done it, huffed with a smile and said “look, there’s a line, I’m pregnant!” as if the tests were rubbish. I then went on to explain about how I’d read about cancer and positive tests in men etc and told him he best go get checked…. and I woke up. Now I’m worried if that means something. Do I get him to pee on a stick in case I’m slightly psychic? Lol Asked him about it and he hasn’t ‘found anything’ but my dream has me worried now!!


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