The day after positivity

….. I’m back down again! It’s funny how jumping onto Facebook on your lunch break can make your heart break a little more. My old school friend (and now my OHs friend) has had a baby recently with his fiancée. Which is great, in happy for them I really really am. But pictures are being shared on fb daily by all people, they didn’t have any struggle TTC, and everything just seems to be slotting into place for them and I know that’ll just never happen with us. All I can think about at work is how right now they may be having a cuddle with their new baby at home, or trying to tidy up while she’s asleep. I won’t comment on my work life, but the idea that maternity may hopefully be just around the corner is what is stopping me from looking for other things to do. Today is just a ‘down’ day. One of the rubbish days TTC and waiting for donor egg IVF gives you.


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