Mother’s Day

I’m sorry this is such a negative post, but Mother’s Day is never a great day for the women that are dying to feel the joy of that day with their own children. I love my mum. I ADORE my mum. She is my best friend, the one person who knows me inside out. She knows if I’m under the weather without me even saying a word and she’s the one who’s always there to pick me back up after I fall. The only thing is, she knows what it’s like to be a mother, she knows the love and the smiles and the warmth. So if I’m upset in Mother’s Day she never really knows why. She can’t support me during that day because she just can’t sympathise with it. I’ve logged onto facebook this morning….. BAD IDEA. I’ll be staying off it all day. Although it’s lovely, and I’m genuinely happy for all the mums out there who do an amazing job, they deserve to get spoilt, part of me just can’t let go of my own despair. I will be seeing my mum later, I haven’t got her much, but just being there is all she ever wants. So here’s to another year of reminding that I’ll be lucky if I ever get to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mum myself…..hoorah 😦


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