The Beginning of Our Journey

So i’ve just written a nice little post, only to accidentally press the back key! DOH!

My fiance Jon & I have been trying for a baby for 6 years. Yep we’re crazy & yep we want it that much!
We’ve both had chemotherapy previously. I was 13 and he was 16 when we were diagnosed. Jon was given the opportunity to ‘bank’ (but didn’t…. what 16 year old wants to, to be fair?!) & my parents were told that freezing my eggs wasn’t required with my treatment. They were so wrong!

To cut our already long journey short, I’ve had AMH, FSH & LH tests, my AMH being just 4 and my FSH was 75 one cycle then 40 the other. No idea why my body is still deciding to have a cycle – there’s no point! They’ve said our only option is IVF with donor eggs. I was heartbroken yesterday, and still am, but after reading Jena’s journey on I am kind of excited. We’ll have so much more support than a natural conception and we’ll have people with us all through the way. I haven’t read completely through but I don’t think they’d used donors….. but she’s so positive and such an easy to like person. I smiled for the first time since our appt watching her videos on my lunch break today!

We just need to wait now for our first appt at our IVF clinic. They may put us on the donor waiting list beforehand, which is a good thing, but if not I know we’re in good hands.
It’ll be stressful, tiring and hard, but we WILL get there. I can actually imagine this happening now, it isn’t just a dream.

So here’s to our future, and hopefully our soon to be IVF baby!


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